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How to manage customer churn for your agency

Join Dave Schneider of LessChurn.io & Senthilvel Prakash of Synup for an insightful conversation about customer churn and how you can retain customers by adding value to them.

Duration: 60 mins

Senthilvel Prakash
Customer Success - Synup

Hosted by


Dave Schneider
CEO, LessChurn - CRO Software

(Previously founded NinjaOutreach)

You'll learn


1. Understanding customer churn

2. Causes for churn

3. Ways to prevent churn 

4. Adding value to customers

5. Calculating churn

  • What is customer churn
  • What are the major reasons for customer churn
  • How to retain customers by preventing churn
  • How to calculate churn

Learn how to manage, calculate and prevent churn for your business